Thousands of users love DatabeanStalk, but why?

DatabeanStalk is a new form of a data science notebook. You can run Apache Spark clusters like Jupyter notebook with free access to GPUs on the cloud.

DatabeanStalk offers you the super-power of real-time collaboration with your data team. It comes with the capability to process massive amounts of data in a swift & easy way.

Access DatabeanStalk for free and enjoy the no-setup and customizable Jupiter notebook-based environment with automatically scalable resources driven by data performances.

The unmatched customization of the platform makes it even easier for you to integrate with any data sources as per your use cases.



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Data science platform for ML and small workload.
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Data analytical and ML for distributed workload.
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Data science and ML platform for mission critical workload.
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Server Memory Up to 6GB Pay-as-you-go Pay-as-you-go Pay-as-you-go
Server CPU Up to 2 CPU Core Pay-as-you-go Pay-as-you-go Pay-as-you-go
Storage 10 GiB Pay-as-you-go Pay-as-you-go Pay-as-you-go
Advances GPU resource
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